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Yacht Charter Croatia, Italy, Greece, TurkeyYacht Charter Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey
Your Agency in Yacht Charter worldwide - especially for Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. Along the Adriatic coast, under more than 4,000 yachts, catamarans and motor yachts, we provide You with a yacht of Your dreams! Enjoy a new yacht search experience, here and now....
How to book?

Dear visitor / customer,

here You can find all the steps how You can handle your booking
Top Adria Charter from start to finish:

Step 1
Customer / Visitor Account

On entering our site, we suggest You to register without obligation under "My charter">> Login.
Your registration does not obligate You to any Booking or Boat option.

Please fill out all required fields.
If You wish us to You call You while processing Your request, please enter Your telephone number  too.

If you have not filled out Your address
with the registration, and You should decide for a booking at Top Adriatic Charter,
we will ask you enter Your address directly in Your account, or  to give it to us to fill it out for You.

Note: Your registration is not required for the use of our website or for the search engine. At the moment You wish to send us a request, Your registration will me necessary.

Step 2
Search Engines

With the simple search engine, detailed search engine, as well as with map search You can start Your journey of discovery.
Select the desired region, period, ship type and size, number of people or single equipment parts running parameters.

Step 3 Boat list

According to Your choice on the search engines a boat list
appears that you can filter.
Please note, that this filter is filtering only the boats from the currently existing boat list.
If any criteria should change your initial search, please start your search again on the search engine on the home page and not through the filter.

Step 4
Selection of preferred yachts

In the boat list you will find all yachts that match your search criteria.
With one or more vessels, you can proceed as follows:

View Yacht Details
Send request for single boat
Send collective request for more boats (hereby we do not assume that You are interested in few boats to charter them all at oncde, but that You have chosen more optional boats which You preffer)
Send  Your chosen boats to the Yacht comparator (you can compare the features of selected ships against each other clearly)

Step 5 
Top Adria Charter Offers

In short time You will receive our offer list of available yachts of your choice and any other alternative offers, which we can recommend.
Through this offer, you can send an option or a booking request by clicking on the appropriate link.

Option request: means sending us a request to put a non-binding option on the ship, so to say, making the ship in any given period closed
for other inquiries and bookings for a short time .
Booking request: means sending us a request to make a fix booking.
A booking shall be fixed only after we have confirmed the booking by confirmation.

Step 6
Option / Booking confirmation

After we have received your option or booking request, we will send You a confirmation if the boat is still available.
With this confirmation You will receive a Fair contract we will ask you to sign and to send us back by fax or e-mail (scanned).
By mail You will receive the original documents sent to Your address.

Step 7: Transfer of the first charter rate / or transfer of the full charter amount

If your charter does not begin earlier than 2 months after the Booking confrimation, the charter shall be parted in two installments.
50% of the charter amount should be payed 7 days after booking confirmation.
50% of the charter amount should be payed 5 weeks before charter starts.

If your charter starts within about 1.5 months, the full charter amount should be payed 7 days after booking confirmation.
The exact data of payment terms You will receive with the booking confirmation.

The transfer of the charter shall be made by bank transfer to the account of Top Adria Charter.
All extra costs specified in our offers and bookings with the words "payable at base" should be payed by You at base, when checking in.

Step 8: Payment confirmation

After we have registered your transactions on our account we will send you a payment confirmation via e-mail.

Step 9: Base info

After you have paid Your full charter amount You will receive base infos for Your check-in or a boarding pass (depending on the practice of individual charter companies)

Step 10: Your charter start

Upon your return we will contact You to hear about Your impressions. For this purpose we will ask you to fill out our assessment of a charter or a anket used to, to rank the ships, charter companies and marinas for the next year. 
Join us and let us separate the excellent and the good ones from the dificient.

Enjoy Top Adria Charter

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